We recognize the need for specialized signs to service the Healthcare Industry - from clinics to multi-facility hospitals. Our product line of Architectural Sign Systems allow for a professional and total facility sign package. Cohesive signs make wayfinding simple for patients and professionals. We offer a complete range of signage, from main facility identification to wayfinding to interior systems, so you can obtain complete facility signage from one vendor. A consistent, high quality brand image that reflects your high quality of care, is yet another way to comfort your patients and encourage your staff at your hospital or healthcare facility.

Manufactured by: Howard Industries
Our Healthcare Facility Clients

Hospital Sign Photo Gallery
Hospital Facility Outdoor Wayfinding Signage
Hospital Facility Exterior Changeable Panel Directional Sign
Hospital Facility Exterior Main Identification Monument Sign
Main identification monument sign with stone base
Main identification monument sign with stone base
Raceway Channel Letters with LED Illumination
Interior Navigation Signage for Medical Facility
Medical Hospital Donor Recognition Wall Signage
Healthcare Facility Interior Pylon Wayfinding Sign with paper insert modularity
Medical Facility Interior Wayfinding Ceiling Mounted Sign
Hospital Indoor Donor Recognition Sign 
Medical Facility ADA Compliant Donor Recognition Sign 
Hospital Branding Signage: Outdoor Wayfinding

Total Facility Signage Service

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