Interior Patient Focused Signage

Patient Room Signage

Interior Patient Focused Signage

With life expectancy numbers on the rise, so is the demand for quality healthcare. Our Patient Focused signage, with custom communicative icons, helps provide such care by enhancing hospital staff communication and reducing safety risks. We offer ADA compliant patient room identification signage that unites vital patient information as well as Isolation and Precaution Inserts. These signs are perfect for hospital patient rooms, hospital exam rooms, resident rooms in critical care facilities and additional healthcare locations.

Like our other interior signage lines, our Patient Focused Signage can be customized to any healthcare facility's requirements and preferences. Choose from our extruded aluminum frame or acrylic Patient Focused Signage options, both lines offer multiple size, profile and color accent options.

Our Interior Patient Focused Signage Offers:

  • ADA Compliancy — both our HID aluminum frame system and custom acrylic signage have raised tactile copy and Grade 2 Braille capabilities
  • Variety of Styles — choose from our signature HID aluminum frame paper insert signage system or acrylic signage options
  • Customizeable Dividers — consolidate certain regulatory messages using our rubber dividers
  • Complementary Décor Options — with multiple color and substrate options available, we can customize the look of any interior sign to accompany any interior environment
  • Multiple Configurations — select your pull tab size (standard or mini), number of desired tabs and color plates from our standard size and configuration chart
  • Full Medical Icon Library — choose medical icons from our extensive list of standards or have us design custom icons to suit your medical facility's specific needs
  • Accessory Options — add additional functionality to your Patient Focused Signage by incorporating magnet, dry erase, and/or cork board material

Patient Focused Signage, in conjunction with ADA compliant Grade 2 Braille and tactile copy, can double as a patient room identification sign and a communicative tool for the healthcare staff. Placed inside the patient's room, our Patient Focused Signs can be utilized by healthcare staff members to convey vital patient information to one another, the patient and/or visitors. Our paper insert capabilities make updating sign information fast and easy. With so many design and substrate options, our Patient Focused Signage possibilities are infinite.

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