Pedestrian Crossing Safety Signage

Pedestrian Crossing Safety Signage
In a world full of distractions, our Pedestrian Crossing Safety System helps keep pedestrians in crosswalks safe.
Pedestrian crossing signage is one of the most important forms of signage to have in a high pedestrian traffic area, especially in today’s society of handheld distractions. When crosswalks or crossing areas lack adequate lighting or signage, the potential for pedestrian safety hazards is nearly doubled. Help prevent pedestrian fatalities and/or injuries from occurring near and/or around your facility by utilizing our high quality, LED illuminated Pedestrian Crossing Signs.

Our LED-illuminated Pedestrian Crossing Safety System design is unique to any other pedestrian crossing warning system due to its multiple warning signals that operate in unison to alert approaching drivers, from a distance, of pedestrians traversing the roadway. These pedestrian crossing warning signals include:

Ultra-bright energy-efficient, long lasting LED illumination; Wide angle pure white (7000K) beam projects over 16 feet into roadway
Not only does this beam of light attract driver attention, it also provides an illuminated guide for pedestrians in the crosswalk
LED strobing light heads
With both driver and pedestrian facing views, these attention-grabbing beacons notify drivers and pedestrians of unit activation
7 Inch LED illuminated "XING" copy
Extremely bright LED illuminated "XING" copy alerts drivers of crossing pedestrians in the crosswalk both day and night
Outdoor blank-out LED direct-view amber wide angle pedestrian symbol sign
Highly-visible, permanently flashing pedestrian icon warns drivers to approach crosswalk with caution


Additional definitive features of our Pedestrian Crossing Safety System setting it apart from all other pedestrian traffic control devices include:

  • Louvered design to direct crosswalk lighting for increased driver and pedestrian safety
  • Adjustable base plate allows an accurate angled placement of projecting light into crosswalk
  • Custom designs to match branding specifications
  • Ability to incorporate wayfinding signage elements for better facility navigation as well as pedestrian safety
  • Units are sold in sets (recommended) or individually
  • Redundant LED lighting design to maintain illumination in the event of single component failure
  • Available with a variety of control options
  • UL rated construction
  • 5 Year Warranty

Taking Pedestrian Crossing Safety One Step Further

In addition to their safety function, our Pedestrian Crossing Signs offer a unique way for facilities and institutions to display and reinforce their brand image throughout the exterior of their property. Our Pedestrian Crossing Safety Systems can be custom painted using brand specific colors, adorned with printed logos, utilized to display campus maps, provide directional information and more. Due to their multi-functional purposes these signs are ideal for colleges, universities, healthcare facilities, senior living environments and beyond.


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