Perma-Banner Pole Signs

Perma-Banner Pole BannersOur Perma-Banner System is an exciting new technology for creating and hanging vertical street pole banners, light pole and lamp post banners. The system combines strong, light-weight, aluminum Banner Panels with an exclusive "No Fly Away" Vertical Mounting Bracket of extruded aluminum. The banner panels can be cut to any desired shape and will not fray, tear, shred, crack or wrinkle like typical fabric banners. Banner graphics use UV laminated eco-solvent printed vinyl graphics that are fade-resistant and will stay vibrant for many years. The Vertical Mounting Bracket is easily installed to all popular street and light poles using quick to secure steel strapping.

Perma-Banner Pole Signs Photo Gallery

Corry Memorial Hospital Parking Lot Perma Banner Erie Zoo Double Perma Banner Mount First National Bank ATM Entrance MBA USA Pole Mount Penn State Campus Territory Influence Perma Banner Penn State Driveway Light Pole Mounts Penn State Pole Mount Perma Banner Perma Banner Exterior Seasonal Banner Summer Sizzle Perma Banner Wall Mount Exit Perma Banner Citizens Bank Entrance Pole Mount Perma Banner Perma Banner Conneaut Sparc Perma Banner Pole Mount Perma Banner Conneaut Sparc Perma Banner Pole Mount 2