Wayfinding Signage Experts

Why is Wayfinding Planning so Important?

Improving visual communication increases navigational ease, resulting in gratified visitor/client experiences. The keys to a successful Wayfinding Program include:

  • Detailed Environmental Assessment
  • Integrated Brand Reinforcement
  • Copious Wayfinding Signage Design, Manufacturing and Application
  • Comprehensive Project Management
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What sets HI PRIME Sign Program Apart?

The Perfect Sign Storm: Unlike other wayfinding/environmental graphic design firms and signage manufacturing companies, Howard Industries’ PRIME Sign Program combines these two expert capabilities under one roof. Our composite staff of signage professionals possess over a century of industry sales, manufacturing, project management and design experience. No one understands architectural signage planning, design, production and execution like Howard Industries’ PRIME Sign Program.

Focusing on our institutional and corporate clients, we found that many require complete project management and comprehensive signage planning services. Our experience and dedication to thorough, thoughtful and efficient customer service has allowed us to help many facilities, institutions, and universities create functional and attractive identification and wayfinding signs, ensuring accuracy, accountability and projects completed on time and on budget.

Where are you in the Wayfinding Signage Planning Process?

Our wayfinding planning and signage experts can assist you with one or all of the following stages.

1 Step


In this beginning stage, we will discuss your immediate wayfinding needs. After a brief overview of your facility’s main objectives and processing of initial information we will make recommendations for moving forward.

2 Step


During this visit to your facility, we will gather the necessary information to create your Master Wayfinding Signage Plan. We will collect details, take photographs and assess your facility’s interior and/or exterior environment in order to properly recommend the correct wayfinding signage solutions.

3 Step


We will create “Architectural Signage Families” using your brand specific colors, logos and/or signature marks. Our designers will work closely with you to create a comprehensive wayfinding signage design that clearly reflects your institution’s brand identity as well as functional needs.

4 Step


At this point in the process, we will create a complete set of specifications that contains all of the signage details necessary for a successful wayfinding plan (interior and/or exterior applications) and provide it to you electronically as well as in hard copy full color format. Plans can then be implemented, based on costs, in phases or as a complete program.

5 Step


With over 50 years combined fabricating experience, our staff of custom signage fabricators is second to none. The pride they take in their craft is made evident through our unparalleled quality. In addition, by using the very best supplier brands the industry has to offer, our signs provide years of long-lasting reliable service.

6 Step


We understand this crucial process and the detailed coordination and communication required to expedite it successfully. Services during this step often include permits and inspections that may be required.

7 Step


Your dedicated project manager will assist you through all of the wayfinding signage planning processes. In addition, we provide project websites, at no additional cost, that act as an online communication/order system available 24/7/365 to you and your organization.