Corry Memorial Hospital

Established in 1894, Corry Hospital Association, later renamed Corry Memorial Hospital in honor of fallen WW II heroes, has been administering medical care to the Corry, Pennsylvania region for over 115 years.

In 2010 Corry Memorial Hospital broke ground at its third location on Shamrock Drive, opening its doors in September of 2012. CMH currently employs over 230 people, including 60 physicians and over 60 nurses, and provides numerous medical services to its surrounding community.

Along with the construction of the brand new CMH building, came the need for a total facility signage plan. Howard Industries PRIME Sign Programs experts answered the call and provided the hospital with an interior and exterior signage survey, along with signage design options for both environments.

With the help of Howard Industries PRIME Sign Program’s team of signage planning and design experts, Corry Memorial Hospital successfully opened its doors with modular signage systems in place, providing visitor navigation throughout the new facility. In addition, as a PA COSTARS member, CMH was able to receive a discount on the signage through Howard Industries’ PRIME Sign Program’s PA Department of General Services Contract.