Indiana University

Founded as the state seminary, in 1820 by the Indiana state government, Indiana University has grown to acquire a combined student body of more than 110,000 individuals, spread across 9 campuses, accumulating 3,640 acres.

In 2010, upon attending the National Business Media (NBM) Convention in Indianapolis, a representative from Indiana University approached Howard Industries with an interest in purchasing signage components for their on-campus signage workshop. Indiana University was seeking painted sign components and assemblies their signage workshop could then apply graphics to, assemble and install.

Taking our signage services one step further, Howard Industries presented Indiana University with some upgraded signage design options for their consideration, and well as a comprehensive campus signage plan. Howard Industries introduced the university to their extruded, modular, aluminum sign components which are ideal for any university campus signage program. By utilizing Howard's standard, extruded signage components, campuses are able to modify signage quickly and easily for university growth and/or change, while simultaneously reducing maintenance and repair costs. Moving forward, Howard Industries also provides Indiana University with a stock service of ready-to-ship, painted signage components, including posts, post caps, screws, etc., alleviating the school from having to store any signage inventory.