Lakeland Community College

Located in Kirtland, Ohio, Lakeland Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and offers more than 135 associate degree and technical certificate programs.

Educating nearly 21,000 individuals annually, Lakeland Community College has four campus locations, and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017. After a brief visit to their main campus and assessment of existing signage, our Howard Industries PRIME Sign Program signage experts pinpointed the crucial need for modular, changeable interior wayfinding signage. At that time, LCC was utilizing a sign system that required cost prohibitive, labor-intensive procedures for updating their sign messages. After learning about our signature, paper-insert HID signage system, they began the process of replacing their existing interior wayfinding signage systems with our user-friendly alternative.

Working closely with their Facilities Department Project Coordinator, Howard Industries PRIME Sign Program has been able to provide Lakeland Community College with over 300 interior wayfinding signs thus far, including a recent building expansion that encompassed nearly 150 new interior signs. Applications included: building and floor directory, directional, room identification (with classroom schedule and dry erase surface), elevator, stairwell, and egress signage.