Salus University

Salus University, located in Elkins Park, PA, was founded as the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in 1919.

This university is currently a diversified, globally recognized, professional academic medical center of learning offering a wide range of accredited post-graduate degree programs including: Optometry, Audiology, Physician Assistant, Public Health, Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired, Biomedicine, and Occupational Therapy.

In 2008, in efforts to introduce its new identity as Salus University, as well as distinguish itself from the tenants of Breyer Office Park located within the same facility, The Pennsylvania College of Optometry hired Howard Industries’ PRIME Sign Program to conduct a campus sign survey and propose a total facility signage plan. The University’s non-traditional campus setting provided wayfinding and identity challenges for visitors of both the University and The Breyer Office Park tenants, which were housed in the same high rise building.

In 2011, Salus University performed an extensive renovation on its clinical facility, The Eye Institute, located in nearby Philadelphia, PA; again enlisting Howard Industries PRIME Sign Program for both the interior and exterior signage needs of the facility.

Howard Industries PRIME Sign Program created a successful total facility signage plan for the University by providing identification, parking and directional signage. Howard Industries own E-Z Change Wordbar Signage System was a perfect application for Salus’ unique wayfinding challenges, as it allows for quick and easy alterations to be made to the University, but more essentially to the fluctuating Breyer Office Park tenants.