Building Identification Signs

Provide Uniform Identification

In developing a signage master plan, the exterior building identification signs take on the role of confirming destinations and identifying particular buildings within multiple building facilities or campuses. All will require establishing a hierarchy of information within the wayfinding sign program to determine what information, locations and sign types will best benefit motorists and pedestrians.

building identification signage colege campus

Building identification signs provide uniform identification of major buildings and should be strategically located to be easily visible to motorists and pedestrians as they navigate the grounds or campus.

These signs can employ the simplicity of wall mounted signs with building numbers or names; more tailored channel letter structures for logos and logotype; or strategically placed freestanding post & panel signs, pylons or small monument type signs. The size and orientation of a building to the navigational flow of campus should determine how many and which type of building identification signs are required.

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