Main Identification Signs

Building a Strong Brand Presence from Entrance to Exit

In developing a signage master plan consider that identification signs are the big players in telling visitors and the surrounding community who you are and what your entity has to offer. Maximize the opportunity to not only make a lasting first impression, but to also reiterate to the encompassing area the status and magnitude of your organization.

Identification signs should be located at all principal entrances of a campus, facility or building site. Proper placement of these signs will ensure maximum exposure to potential visitors and passersby.

main identification business pylon sign

Main identification signs introduce and welcome visitors to your facility and should be large, strategically located and easily seen at a distance.

They should carry your logo or trademark, your color scheme and are preferably illuminated. In essence, a well-designed main identification signage will successfully “brand” your property and invite visitors within its boundaries.

Depending on location, main identification signs can be large low-profile signs, pylons or monument signs, and can incorporate LED message units. Secondary site identification signs tend be somewhat smaller and should confirm destinations or aid in establishing recognition of building entrances or various areas of a campus/facility.

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