Donor Recognition Signs

Gratitude Made Visible

Recognizing donor generosity with signage can be an important part of your facility or organization's growth and development. In turn, donor recognition signs should never be an afterthought; they should boast and convey the depth of gratitude your organization feels for the financial support donors provide. Donor recognition signs should also adequately and appropriately reflect the subject matter or cause your organization represents through genteel design and materials. Our available extensive line of both interior and exterior donor recognition signage can successfully aid you in acknowledging and commemorating consequential philanthropy.

donor recognition signage

Eloquently designed donor recognition signage communicates to your donors that their contribution matters and will additionally ensure steps toward donor retention.

With our broad range of obtainable signage substrates and experienced, creative design staff, Howard Industries' PRIME Sign Program can provide you with custom donor recognition signs tailored to your facility's interior or exterior environments. Architectural elements, themes and color schemes can all be incorporated into your donor signage; the design possibilities are truly limitless. Donor recognition signage can be integrated into your new or existing interior or exterior signage plans and/or can become a stand-alone display, such as in the case of donor recognition walls, gardens and plaques. In addition, our modular signage designs allow for future growth and changeability, a key component in successful donor recognition signage.

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